Is Nepal safe to travel

The short answer is yes, it is very safe. Nepal feels more safe than most other countries around the globe, possibly due to the religious nature of the people and their natural kindness. Over the past 10 years Nepal has enjoyed a growing fascination to visit from travelers from all over the world.

People are very hospitable. The Nepalese accept that tourism is a mainstay of the economy, and are very welcoming. This applies to all sections and political groups: even during the Maoist hostilities of the early 21st century there were very few cases of any hostility towards visitors and the Maoist-led government declared 2011 to be ‘Visit Nepal Year’.

“Is Nepal Safe to travel?”

Because of the concern on the devastation that earthquake. Since, the Government of Nepal, Ministry of culture, Tourism and Civil aviation on its press release has assured that Nepal is safe and secure place to visit; there is no need to question the safety of travel in Nepal. Among 75 districts only eight districts were affected by earthquake; having its effect on the central and western districts only. Among ten national parks only one was affected. Out of eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites, three sites are damaged.

Communication in Nepal is convenient with access to telephonic lines and internet. There are plenty of hotels in Nepal and tourist destinations around which are completely safe.